Saturday, June 25, 2011

What is ...Quantum Demonology???

Quantum Demonology as it is today is the first-to-fifth draft of a novel written on the fly in the winter-spring and summer of 2009-2010. It wasn't supposed to be a novel, wasn't supposed to be anything but one short story inspired by an early 90s PR photo and a discography that got my imagination going. What if all those rock'n'roll clich├ęs were true? What if Faust were a woman in her forties with nothing to lose? What if God and the Devil, Heaven and Hell were very different from what we've always thought?

Where is it now? Desperately seeking an editor with a whip, an overview and a bawdy sense of humor. That last is, alas, non-negotiable. My protagonist has a filthy mouth and a filthy mind because that's the world she lives in, that's how they talk, that's how they think and that's how...they live in her world. I should know. I live there, too.

Why the 'Quantum'?? Why...'Demonology?' It's explained in the story, along with much else besides. Why do I need an editor? Simple - this deserves to be published. Really - how many horror/erotica/rock'n'roll stories have you read lately with an over-the-hill, non-conforming protagonist?

My point exactly.

But it is flawed and imperfect as it is now. It needs, to mix a metaphor, a very good haircut. That's where the editor comes in. It agent. It has...a writer who believes in it. It has...a writer who can write. It audience, and the potential for a much larger audience as well.

Time will tell! Comments and snark are welcome as well as encouraged. Just be prepared - the author writes back.

So what happens in the spaces between German folk tale, midlife crisis and rock'n'roll?

The first thirteen chapters in all their flawed, imperfect state can henceforward be found here:

Quantum Demonology on Wordpress

Will I talk to you there?